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Image from Tiffany.ca

Look at this ring. It’s the classic Tiffany diamond solitaire. One brilliant cut, stunning stone set within six prongs. Simple. Elegant.

It is Tiffany & Co.’s best selling engagement ring. Are you surprised to learn this gorgeous ring was first launched in 1886?

That, my friends, is the definition of classic and timeless.

And that leads us right into the luxury retail experience.

Recently – over many cups of tea – I had a wonderfully informative chat with Erin Stripe, a Fine Jewellery Sales Professional at Tiffany & Co. here in Toronto. Full disclosure:  I’ve known Erin for years – she’s practically family – but I couldn’t think of a better person to talk about the luxury retail engagement ring experience. Erin has been with Tiffany since 2008, having joined their sales team immediately upon graduation from OCAD University. At OCADU she received a Bachelor of Design degree, her area of specialization being Jewellery Design and Metalsmithing. The girl knows her stuff and she was happy to share her knowledge with me.

If you’re a gentleman about to spend a LOT of money on an engagement ring it is in your best interest to get educated. This entire process may take weeks. Erin prefers to call herself an educator, rather than a salesperson. This is, I believe, key to the luxury retail shopping experience. When you buy an engagement ring at a luxury retailer like Tiffany you should feel confident that you made the very best purchase because you were well informed during every step of the process.

To get the most out of the experience book an appointment with a sale professional, preferably NOT on a Saturday. Allow about an hour for the meeting. During this important process your sales pro will discuss your budget, the importance of the 4 Cs and your lady’s tastes (if you aren’t entirely sure you might want to enlist the assistance of a trusted friend.) A good sales person will learn as much as possible about the bride-to-be to help determine the best style and quality for your budget.

Beyond the impeccable quality of Tiffany’s diamonds you can rest assured knowing that Tiffany (and likely other high-end jewellery retailers) offers a return policy, certificate of authenticity, warranty and lifetime aftercare. You can also feel good knowing that Tiffany is an industry leader in the ethical sourcing of gemstones and metals. Each piece is handcrafted. Every diamond is cut to maximize its brilliance. Simply put, you can’t go wrong.

A Tiffany engagement ring has been the dream of many brides-to-be for generations. There are good reasons why. Tiffany’s reputation for design and quality is unmatched. Yes, you do pay for the branding, but you do get a lot for your investment. It is said that a woman will look at her engagement one million times over her lifetime.

Take the time to do your homework. You want this to be right.

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